EVERY FRIDAY I will post the pictures of dogs I photograph during my free time.
Simply because each dog is unique

Kyriakos Stavrou - Dog Photography

Fotografia Canina - Fotos de perros

Poodle baby puppy

The is one of the four baby puppies of this litter. How can you resist at those eyes?

English Shetter puppy

A super-cute English Shetter puppy that is called “Piston”. He lives in a beautiful village in the North of Spain. I had the pleasure to photograph him a couple of days ago. 

A beautiful poodle girl 

Very well behaved and very very sweet poodle girl. Enjoy!

Maybe the cutest puppy on earth

This is maybe the most beautiful puppy I have ever photographed. She is just 2 months old here and she posed like a pro. 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 

A lovely Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog. It was the first time I was photographing this breed and really got in love with them. They make amazing models. Really elegant, energetic and well behaved. What else can you ask for…

Dog Photography: 

Rufitus guapius

Rufus is an amazingly beautiful poodle. His only purpose in life is to be with his owner, nothing else matter for him! Actually his owner is a well known groomer (XipXap)

The photo-shoot was inside and Rufus collaborated very very well. 

Perro de aguas!

This is the “traditional” shepherd dog of Spain; called “perro de aguas”. This literally means “water dog”. Highly intelligent and very energetic. The fur ends up having this “rasta” look but it takes a lot of work to maintain it. 


This is Balu, the “brother” of Pixi, well, they live together after all. 

Similar to Pixi, an amazing character, a very lovable dog!

Dog Photography:


A very beautiful Cocker from a photo shoot a couple of weeks ago. Beautiful dog and very nice character. 


A lovely Dalmatian girl, just 3 months old. We made the session a couple of weeks ago in a mountain area near by. 

Excellent character and very skilled for her age. Simply a lovely puppy. 

Soon I will post the photos of her “brother”, an older Dalmatian called Balu.

Dog Photography:

Lovely Pitbull puppy 

Super cute right? I photographed this beautiful girl few days ago here at my place. Super active, really really really active!!! It was quite difficult to take a nice picture of her. At the end, I think that we managed :)

Dog Photography: 


Chow chow dogs are known for having a blue tongue, the one in the photo, is also named “Blue”!

Dog Photography:


Chow chow, an impressive breed from China. These guys are rather big and have less of a “dog-like” behavior, obedience was not the strongest ponit of my model :) Photographing them is easy though, just be patient.

Dog Photography:

Really bored English Bulldog 

He is obviously bored, no? :) :) :)

Dog Photography:

Maffi again!

One more photograph of Maffi

Dog Photography: