EVERY FRIDAY I will post the pictures of dogs I photograph during my free time.
Simply because each dog is unique

Kyriakos Stavrou - Dog Photography

Fotografia Canina - Fotos de perros

Another galgo dog

Another photo-shoot with a beautiful Galgo dog. This one was way more social than the usual. 

Cute Spanish Galgo

Photographs of a beautiful Spanish Greyhound dog. Timid and well behaved. 

Photographs of another adopted dog

Another adopted dog that found a home. I am sure that you can see how happy he is

Lovely adopted greyhound

Another lovely dog that found a loving home. The color is not typical, personally I find it very elegant. 

Fluffy poodle puppy. 

This is the last guy from the poodle litter! Check the previous posts for more photos from this litter 

Cute look

Puppies are typically funny, they take these super strange poses when they see something new. This photo is an example of such a moment :) This is a bichon havanese puppy, just 3 months old.

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Sweet Bichon Frise 

Lovable, beautiful, elegant but very difficult to photograph. Very challenging to get exposure right without any burned areas and the same time with all the texture of the super fine hair. When it works however, the result is beautiful. 


All dogs have something special in their eyes but very few have eyes as expressive as Lucy’s (this is how this girl is called). 

Another adopted angel

This angel also found a home thanks to the volunteering work done by the dog shelters. As you can see, he deserves all the love of the world.

The little poodle sister

This is the girl of the litter, she is going to live with her mother. 

Loyal friends - photos of a lovely Yorkie

This is what real friends look like. Loyal and there for you at any moment. This is Max a 10 years old Yorkie. 

More little poodles :)

More photos from this poodle litter. Just look at their eyes…..

Happy yellow Labrador

Few photos of this cute yellow Labrador doggy. Cute, well behaved and cooperative. What else is there to ask. This dog found a home through adoption, priceless!

Poodle baby puppy

The is one of the four baby puppies of this litter. How can you resist at those eyes?

English Shetter puppy

A super-cute English Shetter puppy that is called “Piston”. He lives in a beautiful village in the North of Spain. I had the pleasure to photograph him a couple of days ago.