EVERY FRIDAY I will post the pictures of dogs I photograph during my free time.
Simply because each dog is unique

Kyriakos Stavrou - Dog Photography - Fotografia Canina
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Maffi again!

One more photograph of Maffi

Dog Photography:

Baby Maffi

Baby Bichon Maltese cuteness :) You can see how she was few months ago in this post

Dog Photography:

Good morning

A super cute chihuahua puppy that I photographed the minute it woke up. Very beautiful and well behaved dog :) The day of the photo shoot it was just  a month old. 

Dog Photography:

A beautiful Shiba

A very beautiful Shiba Inu dog walking at the beach. I photographed this session at a beach nearby Barcelona. This Shiba Inu leaves at the same home as the Akita I posted few days ago. Nice dogs with a very special character. 

Lovely eyes

An astonishing Akita posing at the beach. Very friendly dog, in contrast to the common beliefs for this breed. 

Dog Photography:

Happy happy puppy

A very energetic American Staffordshire terrier during his first day at the beach 

Dog Photography:

Summer time

An American Staffordshire terrier playing at the beach. This actually was his very first time at the beach. He wanted to badly to enter in the water…

Dog Photography:

Jack Russel puppy

I have photographed this dog at the beach few weeks ago. Typical to the breed, very active and very well behave dog 

Dog Photography:

Lovely puppy eyes

I photographed this puppy during his first time outdoors. He is a “Perros the Aguas Espanol” which means Spanish Water dog or Spanish Shepherd dog. At the day of the photo shoot the puppy was just 3 weeks old. 

Beach walk

I photographed this American Staffordshire terrier in a beach nearby Barcelona late in the afternoon. It was one of the most energetic dogs I have ever seen, he is however extremely photogenic. 


This Chihuahua puppy was extremely collaborative, made the photo shoot nice and pleasant. Nice character and adorable look.

Dog Photography: 


Boxers is one of the breeds I enjoy most photographing. Happy dogs, nice characters and always full of positive energy. 


Some friends are forever, at this this is the case for this senior Golden Retriever. Typical of the breed, even in this age, they still behave a little babies. Personally, I love their look, always very expressive. 

Dog Photography:

Strong boxer 

A boxer with a lovely character, very nice dog, excellent behavior and great mood. 

Dog Photography:

Lovely eyes

This cute girl is Pepa and here she is posing at the beach. One of the nicest Bichon Havanese dogs I have seen, lovely eyes and great character